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Home Maintenance Tips

                     Item                                                                      Frequency

1) Test and clean smoke detectors                                              Quarterly                 
2) Test GFCI outlets                                                                   Quarterly
3) Lube and adjust garage door hardware                                    Semi Annual
4) Replace return air filters                                                          Semi Annual
5) Service HVAC system                                                             Annual
6) Clean gutters and downspouts                                                 Annual
7) Drain and flush water heater                                                    Semi Annual 
8) Verify operation of all water shutoff valves- including main          Semi Annual
9) Test Carbon Monoxide Detectors                                             Quarterly
10) Inspect Attic And Sub Area for pest intrusion                           Semi Annual
      and water, drain, or roof leaks
11) Recommend changing smoke detector/ carbon monoxide detector batteries, HVAC filters and all flashlight/emergency supply/and battery operated "gadget" batteries every time you change clock settings for standard/ daylight savings time.
Doesn't it really jerk your chain when you go to use something and the batteries are corroded and the gadget is ruined.....stay one step ahead of that problem by being proactive and changing those darn things!!!
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You may wish to consult with a home maintenance specialist for further information.